Christian Education

Christian Education

Grades K through 6th

Feasting on the Word

This age group will be have a time of instruction immediately following the "Children's Message" during the 11:00 am worship service. They will be brought back into worship when the sacraments of baptism or communion are observed.

Jr/Sr High

Feasting on the Word

Our high schoolers will also be using the new Feasting on the Word curriculum for learning and discussion.

Young Adults (young parents and 30 somethings)


This group is currenty studying Donald Miller's book, "Searching for God Knows What". A new chapter is read and discussed each week. The conversation is always lively and topical.

Adult-Westminster Class

Adult Bible Series

This open and inviting group of adults uses the Uniform Lesson Series and shared teaching duties.

Adult-Fisherman's Class

DVD-based Lecture Series

This lively group watches a lecture each week from a variety of renowned instructors then jumps off into discussion.

Adult-Single/Doubles Class

This Sunday School class has been together for 30 years or more, but are welcoming and inviting of newcomers.  This group does a wonderful job of taking care of their own and never missing a Sunday if it cannot be helped.  They rotate teachers and use the Bible study series, "The Present Word," as their curriculum.